How Whitney Went From 632 To 7347 Downloads/Mo In 7 Months, Without Relying On High-Profile Guests, Word Of Mouth Or Promoting On Social Media.

Case Study Reveals: The 2 Common Things Holding Whitney Back From Faster Growth And The 3 Changes We Made To Fix That!

Whitney, a licensed therapist, was a struggling podcaster for nearly 2 years.

Her show, "Women Waken," had low retention and was hard to discover on Apple & Spotify.

The barriers to growth were:

Low retention time.

Listeners rarely stuck around for a full episode, leaving her unheard.

Poor discoverability and SEO.

Her podcast, "Women Waken," lacked clear discoverability.

Low retention time, poor discoverability and Podcast SEO are areas that slow many podcasters down from faster growth…

The issue is, most podcasters aren’t aware of why they are important or even where to start to fix them.

Here’s the issue.

Limited discoverability on Apple & Spotify hinders your ability to gain new listeners.

Relying solely on social media and guest promotion doesn’t ensure sustained growth.

Most listeners overlook your show if it's unoptimized.

Few potential listeners give it a chance, but many drop off within the first 5 minutes.


Because weak episode intros leads to early drop-offs and a low retention time.

Survival of the fittest leaves a few dedicated listeners but not enough to fast-track growth and build a highly engaged audience.

To build a fast-growing podcast and a highly engaged audience…

We encourage our Get More Listeners Academy clients to address these issues HEAD-ON!


1. We improved her podcast SEO to be easily discoverable.

2. We upgraded the show's appearance to give a better first impression. 

We added a subtitle to her show name.


To add additional keywords for SEO and to clarify what her show was about and who the show was for.

Her new title:

Women Waken: Spiritual Healing for Trauma in Relationships to Shift from Codependency to Divine Feminine

And we changed her cover art and description to be more listener-focused.

3. Enhanced retention time with captivating episode intros.

We added 3 open loop hooks, stating 3 benefits listeners would gain from listening through to the end of the podcast.

Creating intrigue to get them to listen to the whole episode to close the loop.



632 DL


2320 DL


2938 DL


4684 DL


6673 DL


7347 DL

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