Case Study Reveals: The 4 Things Raven Focused On To Start Experiencing Faster Growth & higher Engagement!

How Would It Feel To Grow Your Podcast By 54% In Just 1 Month Whilst Spending Less Time On Social Media?

Well, this is exactly what Raven did with her podcast!

Before implementing step #2 of our 4 Step Growth & Retention System...

(which focuses on increasing your organic discoverability and visibility on Apple and Spotify)...

Raven actually QUIT her podcast!

'I quit because I wasn't getting any traction. I was burning out ALL the time, it was super frustrating.'

When I would promote really heavily I got like 30-50 listens, if I didn’t promote I would get like 13-15 per episode…I can’t even get sponsors because of my listens.'

Although we were working together, Raven also had other coaches who were pulling her in different directions.

This made it hard for her to quickly implement what we covered during our sessions.

She had what we see way too often in the space: 'scatter brain syndrome' (the feeling that you are doing so much yet getting so little in return).

She couldn't focus on the important.

And, I mean how could she with so much on her plate?

  • Editing,

  • Guesting,

  • Scheduling,

  • Content Creation,

  • Social media posting,

  • Parenting...

And to top it all up she has other coaches, projecting what they envisioned for her, rather than letting her channel her talent.

During our sessions Raven got our customised templates, cheat sheets and frameworks to help her gain clarity on the exact steps she needed to take to see massive growth in her podcast.

Raven needed to narrow down her focus on the important and keep things SUPER SIMPLE.

(It doesn't need to be that hard or complicated)!

But she still needed to do the work and the work she did!

So when she started podcasting again, this is what happened!

Cut The Noise Online, Focus On The Few Steps To FAST-TRACK Growth!

For Raven This Meant:

#1 Getting Clear On Her Target Audience

This made her marketing 10x more effective as she knows who she is trying to reach and knows how to easily engage with them.

Honing in on her messaging, making sure it's consistent.

Now she only attracts the listeners she wants to serve.

#2 Optimising Her Show For Podcast SEO

Instead of trying to force people to listen to her show, she channels the traffic already on podcast streaming platforms like Apple and Spotify, directing the traffic to her podcast so her show now grows on autopilot.

We got her:

  • Ranking for the right keywords.

  • Being discovered more by listeners on Apple & Spotify.

  • And increasing her reach without constantly relying on social media posts.

#3 We Built A Reliable Social Media Strategy

We got her to focus on the main social media platform where her listeners were. For Raven that was Facebook, for you it might be something different.

Instead of being spread thin, she now had more focus and time to put her engery into this platform.

Instead of her constantly promoting her podcast to her current audience who already know her podcast exists, we got her to engage with online communities where her target audience where...

She started posting valueable content related to the topic of her podcast.

The memeber who would engage would be the people she woudl focus on giving more value and turning them into listeners of her show.

Now she wasn't worried that her podcast wasn't reaching new listeners because she could tap into an audience that already exist and turn them into listeners.

This lead to:

  • Increase reach online

  • Higher engagement while spending less time online

  • Less stress and more growth as she half her work loads and only on the few actions that drove growth.

So Let's Recap We:

  • We made her show more specific.

  • We optimized her podcast for SEO so she's found more organically.

  • We show her how to reach a new audience with social media and turn more strangers online into listeners whilst spending less online.

The Outcome:

  • Faster growth.

  • Higher engagement than ever before.

  • A top 0.5% global podcast.

  • Growth from 400 to 23,000 monthly downloads.

  • And a podcasts that generated $2000 through her book sale that came from her podcast.


We teach 4 simple steps impact-driven podcasters can take to grow a highly engaged and thriving show.

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