Drew Made $3517.51 in Sales 12 weeks Even With a Small Audience!

Without NEED for sponsors, ads, selling merch, coaching or begging listeners to become patrons!

'From making pennies onto about an Increase of about 300% on the profit...'

This is an entirely NEW WAY TO MONETIZE a podcast no one is talking about!

Check out what Drew had to say...

Drew Whiskey Lore: The Interviews

Before Our Coaching:

When Drew started working with us, he felt overwhlemed, confused and frustrated about how to grow and monetize his podcast effectively.

'The marketing part has always been a mystery to me...'

He was trying so many different things to grow but could never pinpoint what was truly working and what was a total wast of time! It was fustraiting process, as he struggled to figure things out on his own.

'I can't keep doing this on my own!'

He started asking himself some hard questions.

That some podcaster are often to affriad to ask.

'Is this something I will be able to survive of off!?'

After Our Coaching:

Drew feels now confident and clear, on the exact steps he needs to take when it comes to growing and monetizing his podcast.

We were able to help drew monetzie his show within weeks even with a small audeince of (150 downloads per episode).

He made over $3500 with his podcast 12 weeks.

And no this monetization had NOTHING to do with sponsorships, ads, merch, coaching or paterons.

He is on track to able to fund and do he's podcast full time by the end of this year!

'And after going through the process this helped me see that yes, I actaully be able to monetize my podacst is HUEG for what my brand is trying to achieve!'

All this wouldn't have been possible without personalized guidance, and a proven strategy!


We teach 4 simple steps impact-driven podcasters can take to grow a highly engaged and thriving show.

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