How Ben Went From 0 To 5k Monthly Downloads 90 Days After Launching A NEW Show!

Case Study Reveals: 3 key changes we made to his show to start seeing exponential Growth!

Before joining the Get More Listeners Academy, Ben was a self-employed electrician with a successful electrical business and had started exploring different ways to make money online. 

He started creating his podcast covering topics on mindset, making money online, and personal development.

Ben was being consistent, working long and hard, and promoting everywhere he could online.

Yet after podcasting for 2 years,

he was lucky to crack 30 downloads on an episode.

His podcast wasn’t gaining the traction he hoped.

No matter what he did, his numbers wouldn’t budge.

And even though he loved his show, it was only so long that he could go on until he got:

- Frustrated

- Demotivated

- Disheartened because he wasn't making much progress

All this work and nothing to show for it.

You see, Ben had mastered editing his 'ums' & 'ahs', sharpened his interview skills, and found his podcasting voice.

But he was still missing 1 vital component.

A growth strategy that was proven to work.

Up until working with us, Ben was trying to guess his way to faster growth & an engaged audience without a proper strategy.

Throwing you-know-what at the wall, hoping something stuck.

It never did.

This is the what happens to so many podcasters out there.

But it's not their fault.

It's hard to find the time when you're:

- Busy

- Stuck in the nuts and bolts of managing and running a podcast

- Struggling to balance having a family and other obligations

Even though you want to dedicate more time to strategizing and growing the show...

You know something needs to change if you want to someday build a highly engaged audience and have a monetized show, but it always seems to be pushed to the back.

And as for understanding how to grow a podcast and have 100s of new listeners flooding your inbox with positive feedback...well, that takes time to figure out.

So after trying to grow on his own for so long but not making the progress he desired, Ben reached out to our team for help.

We helped Ben market his show in a way that attracted and engaged the audience he wanted to serve.

We worked with Ben to build and grow a show that had listeners falling in love and bingeing the entire show!

3 main changes we made:

1) We optimized his show for SEO so that he could be easily found by 100s of new listeners searching for his type of show on Apple and Spotify.

2) We showed him how to create a podcast content strategy based on what’s working to quickly attract the right listeners and, more importantly, keep them coming back.

3) We showed Ben how to use social media the right way...

Instead of mindlessly promoting on social media

which didn't help him reach new listeners, we focused on leveraging an online community.

We shared specific posts to drive engagement, and show him how to consistently turned that engagement into a loyal listenership.

Ben went from struggling to grow his podcast after 2 years to increasing his average per episode downloads by 500% in the first 30 days after implementing these changes!


- Ben is growing faster than ever.

- He has a show that his audience loves and they let him know every day!

- He has totally clarity around how to grow, Get More Listeners, and keep them engaged online.

It’s one thing to have a great podcast.

It’s another to grow an audience, know how to market to them consistently and keep their attention!

This is what we helped Ben with and what we're helping our students with every single day at the Get More Listeners Academy.

How would things look like for you if you had clarity around how to effectively grow your show, instead of guessing your way through, hoping someday things would change?

What if you could make that change happen?

Whenever you’re ready, reach out - we don’t bite. Promise ;)

Rooting for you.

P.S The only issue Ben's facing these days is managing the insane amount of engagement his show is getting…lol. Click here to watch what Ben has to say.

P.P.S If you want to fast track your growth to gain 1000s of new listeners in the next 3-6 months book in a FREE 45minutes discovery call.


Old show and positioning

Old show = Low engagement

Listenership After 2 years


New show and positioning

Engagement Soaring

Listeners engage daily!

Listenership after 30 days!

Listeners are now FLOODING his community online!


We teach 4 simple steps impact-driven podcasters can take to grow a highly engaged and thriving show.

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