Case Study Reveals: 3 key changes we made to his show to start seeing exponential Growth!

Before joining the Get More Listeners Academy, Ben was a self-employed electrician with a successful electrical business and had started exploring different ways to make money online.

He was averaging 500-800 downloads per episode.

That's more than some podcasters get in an entire month after years of podcasting...


And we did this in just 90 days without spamming short form content or getting high profile guests on his show...

He actually had a solo podcast.

But don't be fooled, it hadn't always been sunshine, rainbows and a rapidly growing podcast.

Before, it was more like...

Slow growth,

Low engagement,

And a frustrated podcaster who was on the verge of quitting after 2 years of podcasting with laughable results and no ROI to show for the time he had invested into his podcast.

He was constantly promoting on social media.

He believed interviews with high profile guests would help him grow.

He was convinced that short form promotional clips would help him get more listeners to his podcast.

And he had no real growth strategy in place and thought he could just make good content and listeners will come.

The results he was getting?

He was lucky to break past 400 DL/month.

Now if this was his first month of podcasting, then awesome, not a bad start.

But for this to be the results after 2 years of hard work?

NOT good!

Embarrassing actually.

All that time and effort invested into a podcast that's not really doing much.

That hurts.

Some people will try to convince themselves it's okay because XYZ but for us it's not okay.

Those aren't results he was happy with and neither would we be.

You see...

Good content only isn’t enough.

Promoting your podcast to the same audience doesn't lead to more growth.

And promotional clips, although you'll get more exposure for the show on social media, don't mean you get more listeners for your podcast.

Those are two VERY different things.

So here are the 3 things we helped Ben with that helped him experience exponential rapid growth and how you can do the same.

  • A way to get more exposure for the podcast.

  • A way to turn exposure into listeners of his podcast.

  • A way to keep listeners coming back for more leading to reliable monthly growth.

Most podcasters get stuck at the ‘getting more exposure’.

But what happens when you give exposure to a podcast that’s not retaining new listeners?

Listeners come and LISTENERS leave.

That’s why we start at the ‘how to keep listeners in once they discover the podcast’ part.

Here Are The Objectives We Set With Ben When He Became A Get More Listeners Client.


  • Positioned him as an authority.

  • Created a content strategy to keep listeners in.

  • Rank his podcast higher on Apple and Spotify with Podcast SEO, so he could be easily found by new listeners without having to constantly promote.

  • Build a highly engaged online community where he could interact with his listeners.

Now here's how we accomplished each one:

1. Positioning Him As An Authority.

We picked the topic he had the most experience in.

He was making 6 figures as a self employed electrician, so

we pivoted and focused on this.

We change his show name from...

Breaking The Chains Of The 9-5


Toolbox Talks For Electricians: Reduce Stress, Gain Back Time & Make More Money

We changed his cover art, show notes, show description and the direction based on what niche we wanted to build authority within and the listeners we wanted to reach with the podcast.

2. Creating A Content Strategy To Keep Listeners In.

We created 3 content pillars based on the 3 biggest pain points of his listeners had which was:

How to reduce stress as an electrician.

How to manage your time as an electrician.

And how to make more money as an electrician.

And when he consistently delivered episodes focused on those pillars.

This meant...

Listeners knew what to expect.

Each episode was helping them solve a specific problem.

So they kept listening.

I promise, it's really that simple.

3. Ranking His Podcast On Page 1 Of Apple & Spotify With Podcast SEO.

We made sure to have the main keywords/search terms he wanted to rank for in:

  • Every episode title.

  • Show name.

  • Description.

  • Show notes.

Everywhere possible, consistently.

We made sure each episode title sold the listen by focusing

on the pain point his listeners were going through or a

desire they deeply held.

We made the titles intriguing enough to convince NEW listeners to click and listen.

Now Ben dominates the search on streaming platforms when new listeners type in electrician.

Cool, right?

His show now ranks on page 1 on Apple and Spotify.

4. Building a Highly Engaged Online Community Where He Could Interact With His Listeners.

We focused on growing Ben’s Facebook group for 3 reasons.

  • To get more exposure.

  • To convert that exposure into listeners.

  • To keep current listeners engaged.

  • Facebook constantly recommends Ben’s group to new members so he grows on autopilot.

Each week Ben created a welcome post and tagged everyone.

He then drops his most popular episode in the comment section.

We were able to consistently get more exposure for his show and turn that exposure into a listenership again on

AUTOPILOT, because we had the right system in place.


We knew what was working and rinsed and repeated this simple process that was proven!

The Outcome:

Ben is growing faster than ever before.

  • Ben is growing faster than ever before.

  • He has a show that his audience loves and they let him know every day!

  • He has totally clarity around how to grow, Get More Listeners, and keep them engaged online.

  • Month 1 = 1169

  • Month 2 = 2875

  • Month 3 = 5416

That’s how we took Ben, a podcaster with zero marketing experience, from 0 to 5k monthly downloads in 90 days without promoting on social media, targeting high profile guests or relying on word of mouth.


We teach 4 simple steps impact-driven podcasters can take to grow a highly engaged and thriving show.

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